Music Services
Music Supervision for Film and TV
- Professional Music Supervision
- Music Clearance
- Master & Synch License Agreements
- Music Cue Sheets
Film and TV Music Library
- Thousands of songs
- All styles of music
- Pre-cleared and ready for licensing immediately
- Use in films, TV shows, websites, and YouTube videos
Film and TV Music Library is your one-stop source for music licensing.
We own or administer both the masters and publishing rights for our entire catalog,
which means you can quickly and easily license songs and cues for your next project
all in one convenient location.

We also create music for your specific needs (Film, TV, commercials, games, etc).
Check out selections from some of our writers, producers, and composers such as:
Balint Sapszon, Benoit Martin, Jeffrey Cornell, Alan Haskel, Michael Panasuk,
Axel von Malmborg, Nils-Peter Vaggelyr, Jeffrey Hayat, Christian Andersson,
Michael Wickstrom, Willie Powell, Dying Regret, Gustavo Serbia, Electroillusion,
Death By Dancing, Rich Alick, Tara Simon, Smidi Beats, Patrick Williams,
Mark Canty, Brian Jackson Harris, Alexander Orest, Steve McKnight, Bill Tucker,
Randy Stern, Julian Angel, The Crossing, Eric Bolvin, Andrew Francis Zunno,
Uri Kabiri, David Swan Montgomery, Jonathan Sharp, Andy Schofield,
and many more!

Our network of writers covers every spectrum of music including Orchestral, Cinematic,
Romantic, Suspense, Horror, Circus Music, Ambient, Acid Jazz, Pop, Electronic,
Jazz, Classical, Action, World, Dance, Country, Techno, Hip Hop, R&B, Funk,
Rock, Southern Rock, Heavy Metal, Sports, Electro Rock, Blues, Lounge, Chill,
Travel, Latin, Showtunes, Holiday, and Christmas Music.

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